Industrial pumps come in big and small sizes, they are actually everywhere from hidden places to obvious places, and they are designed to serve so many tasks everyday that sometimes we just take them for granted. We use these pumps in a simple pumping gas from the tank to an engine and to the high technology of pumping millions of gallons of oil from oil wells in big businesses. In heavy duty and high yield industries like agriculture, industrial pumps are specifically designed to help to the works involved in this industry. These pumps are generally used to move the fluid or gas using physical or mechanical action and thus displacing volume. Industrial pumps have five major categories, and these the direct lift, displacement, velocity, buoyancy and gravity pumps. These categories have different varieties and functions and each category also works in a way that is slightly different from each other.


Here we will describe briefly the types of pumps being used in an industry. These kinds of pumps are the 12 volt pumps, positive displacement pumps, reciprocating and centrifugal pumps.


a)            A positive displacement diaphragm pumps ltd is composed of the following parts, the piston, diaphragm, screw and rotary pumps.


b)            The 12-volt pumps are described as compact and light-weight while at the same time can still provide a good level of operation compared to that of larger models. Examples of 12 volt pumps are submersible and sump pumps and they come in 12 volt models.



c)            As the name dictates, centrifugal pumps operate by using centrifugal force in pulling the liquid away from the middle of the container, and sending the liquid for dispersal and application with the use of an outlet source.


d)            A reciprocating pumps uk ltd operates with an increasing and decreasing method that changes the volume and thus directing the liquid to an outlet and then to the application area.


There is also an injection pump composed of a nozzle or spray head that is pointed to the area where the liquid should go, and by depressing a plunger, the contents are then released. With a spray pump, the procedure is similar the diaphragm method but using spray nozzles to release the liquid thus can be adjusted to the desired application.


Another kind of industrial pump is the high pressure pump that works by increasing the pressure inside the container until the contents inside the chamber are released. To avoid corroding effects from pesticides and herbicides, this pump uses brass.



The various pumps described above can be used effectively in any job requiring the particular equipment. In agriculture business, since many different kinds of crops are grown, one or more types of pumps could be used depending on the kind of crops grown in the field. A farmer can decide the kind of pump to use by identifying some factors about the crops, like the delicacy or hardiness of the crops, the quantity to be planted and others.